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Trance United

September 30, 2010

Watched the football last night.

Is it just me or do other people wach football as a great way to take time out and think through everything?

Tranced out with the green and the crowd noise and the commentator’s voices and the ball bouncing around… drifting and thinking.

And waking up when there is a bit of action. You know that feeling of “They’ve scored? They’ve scored!”

Just me? Just trance.


The Power of Chunking

September 30, 2010

Enjoyed the Panorama film about Scientology. These people have a system of initiation which at the 3rd level reveals that there are some aliens on Saturn who have populated the earth in some way bad for humans. Well apart from the facts of this – what a great way of chunking!

They also use chunking to change their initiates’ perspecetives. You see, to sign up for Scientology youa ctually sign up for this life, and the next life, and the next billion lives! Wow! Talk about leverage! Talk about ramping up the commitment! these guys are experts in chunking up to make sure you are committed fully to the goal.

Some people think NLP is manipulative. But NLP is a description of what goes on with our brains. And arms us against techniques which are used by all sorts of other people. For all sorts of other means. When I first came across NLP I left it alone, believing that as it was a “model of subjectivity” we all “did it” anyway. It is what we do. Now I still believe that – but enjoy really understanding the details of what it is “we do”.

And for some that knowledge is a life-saver. It reveals the details of those phrases like “brainwashing”, “high pressure selling” and “peer pressure”. NLP will one day be taught in schools – or rather – one day it will be known that in fact you cannot teach anything without NLP going on. It is what we do.

Breast Care

September 28, 2010

Enjoyed a good day in pinkness to raise funds for breast cancer. I joined other therapists for the day offering taster sessions. The other therapists were specialists in yoga, shiatsu, massage, tarot… collectively known as mind, body & spirit (?) or alternative therapies (?).

California, beat poets, Indian mystics… we’ve all come from the 60s. And now served up expertly in a posh out of town hotel in Yorkshire. This is progress.

Change Your Profile

September 7, 2010

Not heard on a bus on the way to a cafe-bar near you.

“Isn’t it strange how people change their pictures so much on Facebook?”

“Ah – new to Facebook are you?”

“Yeah but -”

“You want something that matches your feelings. Or perhaps something new has happened.”

“Changing your mind?”

“If you have a picture you don`t like then change it. You wouldn`t leave it hanging on your bedroom wall would you?”

That’s right. Lose your unhelpful pictures. Bad memories in the way? Change these pictures. With Brain Change™ and NLP it is as easy as Facebook. Change your profile.

Spiders eh?

August 31, 2010

In the news today…a man is recovering in hospital from third degree burns after confronting a spider with an aerosol spray… then lighting a match to see if this weapon had worked. I understand his wife was the one scared of the mini-beast!

The thing is – when a phobia gets in your way then it is time to do something about it.

Being scared of spiders in most countries is a good idea. But if your fear encourages risky chemical attacks in suburban corners of genteel England then perhaps it is time to change?

On a scale of 1 to 10… are you a 9? Or 10? Then have a Brain ChangeTM to get it down to 3. You will have a safe fear of posionous possibilities on holiday and be free of inflammatory dangers in your own home! Click Book Me

Some Favourite Fears

August 25, 2010

I noticed an interesting interview with author Wendy Perriam about her new novel “Broken Places”. This is the story of Eric – a man plagued with fears. This is on Radio 4’s “Woman’s Hour” and they noted how it is more acceptable for a woman to talk about their fears than men. They talk about the range of phobias people can have and conclude that Eric is perhaps a new hero for all of us! If you know Eric then let him know about Brain Change. The chat starts around 17 min in…

Listen here

Deletion, Distortion & Generalisation

August 24, 2010

Watch for these language patterns over the next couple of days – especially when politicians are interviewed!



Missing things out. “I slept with him” – you slept? You mean you had sex with him? OK so this colloquiallism is perhaps for “politeness”? But what about “I met with him”? Does this not miss out so much as well? In normal conversation you may follow with curious questions! And in coaching we may also follow up these interesting deletions to reveal how you construct the situation.


Saying it as you see it! Very interesting. “The sales team are slacking” – really? They may be unsupported, or working very hard to keep head above water in the current climate, or inexperienced with the new product. But all these can often be distorted into “slacking”. Stop and think when you hear a distortion – there’s treasure in them there hills!


Applying something to everything. “I`m rubbish at tennis” – but that last set you won. And you can serve into the box? How are you defining “rubbish”? Which aspect of tennis do you want to improve? All leading to useful solutions – so listen out for them. Generalisations are easy to spot (there’s one!)