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The Power of Chunking

September 30, 2010

Enjoyed the Panorama film about Scientology. These people have a system of initiation which at the 3rd level reveals that there are some aliens on Saturn who have populated the earth in some way bad for humans. Well apart from the facts of this – what a great way of chunking!

They also use chunking to change their initiates’ perspecetives. You see, to sign up for Scientology youa ctually sign up for this life, and the next life, and the next billion lives! Wow! Talk about leverage! Talk about ramping up the commitment! these guys are experts in chunking up to make sure you are committed fully to the goal.

Some people think NLP is manipulative. But NLP is a description of what goes on with our brains. And arms us against techniques which are used by all sorts of other people. For all sorts of other means. When I first came across NLP I left it alone, believing that as it was a “model of subjectivity” we all “did it” anyway. It is what we do. Now I still believe that – but enjoy really understanding the details of what it is “we do”.

And for some that knowledge is a life-saver. It reveals the details of those phrases like “brainwashing”, “high pressure selling” and “peer pressure”. NLP will one day be taught in schools – or rather – one day it will be known that in fact you cannot teach anything without NLP going on. It is what we do.

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