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Welcome to your Brain Change™

Call Mal on 07909 68 35 34

Or email with 3 steps to change…

i) what do you want to change?
ii) which day or evening suits you best?
iii) how will I contact you – text, email, phone?

Many clients experience great change success in just a single one-hour session. Talk soon.


So what is Brain Change™ for?

For instance – phobias cured, interview nerves, public speaking, stop smoking, sports success, boost confidence, work pressures, decision-making, anxiety, motivation, transform relationships, unwanted behaviours, fear of flying, stress reactions, sleep well, enhancing pleasure, relax, concentration, learning to learn, build esteem, spelling, creative ideas, scared of spiders,  fear of dogs, OCD, panic attacks, business strategies, selling techniques….


Why choose Brain Change™ ?

Choose Brain Change™ for going forward. We will not need to explore your personal history – what Frank Farelly calls the “archeological dig”! 😉 Some approaches assume that if you understand the problem then you automatically change. We know that this is not true.

I prefer…What do you want to change? By working in this way we discover a solution for you to go forward in your life. Real change.

Often clients discover other brilliant changes occur – more freedoms and options arise when you start to Brain Change™.


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