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This stuff may be interesting to you.  I am not sure I have ever written so much about myself.  Ha!  Expect edits…


Family & Friends

I live in the large village of Kingston upon Hull in Yorkshire, England.  Quite lovely through the grey skies and our institutional low esteem!  A wonderful partner Lyn Acton, a treasured step-son and an entertaining second-born.  Brilliant and proud of them all.  An enlightening daughter-in-law has added two gorgeous grandchildren.  Fantastic fun.



BA(Hons) in Fine Art from University of Humberside   
Certificate of Post-Grad Training from the Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development
A Levels in Communications, Film Studies and Philosophy.
Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Associate Member of Provocative Therapy Association
British Board of NLP membership



Managing an aspiring pop band eventually changed into selling cable TV via the script department of a theatre company.  The things you can do when young! Then into youth & community work – specialising in video projects across Yorkshire.  This led to lecturing in Communications at colleges and universities before a post as Senior Lecturer in Media Technology at University of Lincoln.  A wonderful time! Students and staff are so committed and engaged – a real pleasure to work in that environment. 



NHS Innovative Health & Social Care Technology Award regional winner 2009
Education & Business Partnership YHELLN Employer Award runner up 2008
Verity Bargate New Playwrights Award international finalist 1994



Six years as an independent video producer working for arts organisations and public sector, including the Cabinet Office.  Freelance cameraman – work on Channel 4, BBC 2, Sky Sports and chart-topping video releases.

In 2001 a previous idea for the educational solutionThe Drugs Box® became Interactive Social Media Ltd.  As I look back I cannot find any earlier reference to the term social media than our company.  We offered a automatic data system which allowed young people to provide anonymous info and opinion back to the authorities around drugs education. And this is before even Internet Explorer – can you tell I`m proud of it?

The company changed name to Engage Now when social media became Facebook, Twitter etc. We invented Medi+Vend™.  This unique kiosk dispensed condoms and health advice to pre-registered young people across the UK.   The company was taken over and unfortunately lost direction and innovation before the plug was pulled.


I am founder and chair of the regional creative industries networking & knowledge group at so if you are in the Media, Usability or Design sectors then take a look.   We like to think of ourselves as bridging the gap twixt arts and business.   We have a great time so come along when in the area!



Changework with is great for the soul!

Many years ago I met the excellent therapist Nancy Blake and had my first initiation into the wonder of NLP.  Wow!  I used it artistically for the Veruty Bargate award but it was not till some 20 years later that I found myself coming into contact with people who were trained and active in NLP.  If you are in a business meeting with someone who is NLP-trained and prepared to use it then you really have no chance!  So I thought it was time to get trained.

Nick Kemp operates down the motorway from me and I consider myself very lucky to have found him for my first professional education in NLP.  As an academic I was very happy to sit and make notes, write them up and try to understand.  But this is not what Nick is about!  The course actually made me “do it”!  Yak!  This was not my preferred learning method at all.

These tools work.  I found myself curing phobias, enjoying trance work and all the rest of what makes our brains human.  After years of “knowing” about NLP I was now a Practitioner of NLP and an Associate Member of the Provocative Therapy Association.

Working with friends and family at first word began to spread and I soon found myself taking referrals from doctors.  For the last three years I have kept a low profile as I needed to concentrate on Engage Now Ltd but this year I am now enjoying opening the doors to more clients.

I have always benefitted from the innovative and creative aspects of aspects of NLP et al but I do find the therapeutic work amazing!  I have had my own share of neuroses, anxieties, miseries, self-absorptions, foolishness, struggles (er that’s enough) so really love to share what I can now do with people who go on to enjoy life for the better.

Businesses are transformed with NLP approaches. I think the difference we have in the UK is our creativity. It is this that will contribute successfully to world economic development over the next phase. Our cultural experience and research traditions will keep us successful. Ask me about your business and I`ll show you how.



I wrote a play using the language model of NLP which was a finalist in the international playwriting competition Verity Bargate Award.  Two of the final judges said it wasn’t a play!  Perhaps they spotted the language modelling I used?  Later I turned this into the musical and we performed it at literature and jazz festivals then in London fringe theatre.

Once had a haiku published in the International Journal of Haiku.  Other poems of mine can be found here and I let a few out on my Facebook page Mal Adam.

What is my name?  Still having fun changing my name from Mal Williamson (on my bank account and actually my name) to my artist name of Mal Adam (Adam is one of my middle names).  Two reasons – one is a numerologist who said that Mal Adam has a very auspicious number thingy and secondly I prefer it to the long-winded Williamson!  A third reason… the author belongs to the work.  I am not sure who posited this – and it may be a mis-interpretation of critic Andre Bazin`s idea that the title belongs to the work.  Whichever, I like the concept that an art work is very precious, very special and has a power of its own.  The name Mal Adam seems more impactful to attach to a poem or a film.

Film is my first love.  Favourite director is Robert Bresson.

Oh and I record jazz music and release through my small label which is also enjoying some attention since “retiring” from the corporate view of life.

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