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“Twenty-seven years of OCD. With counselling and all sorts. After 2 sessions with Mal I remember sitting in my car wondering how he had done it! I could now have the operation I needed – so also thanks to the doctor who referred me to Mal in the first place. Write anything you want as a testimonial – I will sign it! Thank you so much.”
Patricia, 30s


“Amazing! I feel so calm after just one session. Feel as though I could fly without fear.”
Julie, 30s


“I had always been a bad flyer but the last time I flew I had to be restrained at the back by two stewardesses. So embarrassing so I had one Brain Change session with Mal and he sorted it out! Unbelievable but true because the next time I flew was fantastic – with my partner even telling everyone on the plane about what I used to be like.”
Alastair, 30s


“I had a Brain Change session with Mal today and dissolved some long-forgotten blocks and this changed the way I react to things that annoy me allowing me to be more open and happy with life and other people”
Glenda, 40s


“I found the treatment very very positive, and I came away feeling so much better regarding my lifelong fear of going to the dentist. Thank you Mal, will definitely tell everyone!”
Mary, 60s,


“Wonderful! Over the three sessions I have changed how I talk and react with my boyfriend and daughter – they don’t wind me up now! I feel so good.”
Jean, 40s


“I even moved house to get away from my phobia. I would scream if I saw one. Awful. An hour with Mal has completely changed my life! Completely brilliant. Thank you so much. My sister went as well and it worked even quicker with her. It took me so long to get the courage to go but I needn’t have. It’s easy so go do it. Life-changing and brilliant.”
Gwen, 40s

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