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Brain Change™ is a term I have chosen to cover a range of modern tools which can provide quick and easy changes in our reactions to situations, emotional responses and decision-making.


NLP – Neuro-Linguistic Programming 

The development of these tools may be said to have started in the early 70s with the amazing studies of the world’s best therapists by Richard Bandler and John Grinder.  By analysing the therapists’ performance using computer programming methods, these two discovered they could reproduce their success!

From this modelling of people a whole approach was born and has spread through the world and through several fields of endeavour such as learning, sales, therapy and business.  They had created NLP – neuro-linguistic modelling.


Provocative Therapy

Around the same time, and indeed prior to their work, Frank Farelly was discovering a therapeutic approach with his patients in a US hospital.  Some of these people had very serious, long-term mental issues but Frank was able to move them from what he called a “stuck state” with a combination of  straightforward honesty and poking fun!  This technique seems to onlookers as a gentle and humorous chat – yet on the inside there is a precise revealing of key ideas for the client on the end of this. 

Many in the profession, whilst respectful of Frank Farelly’s amazing success with this, accepted that he was unique and was somehow getting away with it!

This is now known as Provocative Therapy and training in this exciting revelation approach is now available here in the UK through Nick Kemp, who has devised a model of just how Frank does it! Yes it is learnable!  

Having been engaged by Nick myself I found it like a laser-guided, heat-seeking missile of care and attention which keeps travelling to the heart of the matter as I laughed and puzzled my way through the questions and banter.  Amazing.


IEMT – Integrated Eye Movement Therapy 

Other amazing transformations are available with Integrated Eye Movement Therapy.  This has been created by Andrew T. Austin and is a remarkable use of the eye accessing system as discovered and modelled by Bandler and Grinder way back when.

As Andy says himself, IEMT is a marvellous tool for people who have become jaded by therapy and counselling, who struggle to believe that real change is possible in their lives. A few minutes of IEMT and wow! I love the expression on people’s faces – their bemused peace.

Check these links  – welcome to a whole new way of living your life!

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